Valentines Day Competition


How To Enter

Buy any Simple Watch Co. watch between January 29 & February 14, 2018 & you go into the draw to win.
(All purchases from & Mr Simple stores are eligible to win)

The Prize

Return flights for 2 to Byron Bay from any Australian capital city.
Accommodation for 2 nights at The Bower, Byron Bay
$200 dinner voucher at The Italian
    Good Luck, the winner will be announced Feb 15th.
    All you need to do now is Choose a Watch
    Terms & Conditions
    • Economy return flights (with luggage) for 2 people, will be arranged by Simple Watch Co. from any Australian capital city.
    • Airport transfers from Ballina Byron Airport are included.
    • Accommodation is at The Bower, in a Suite or the Barn.  A voucher will be provided & the winner can select their prefered dates, subject to availability.
    • A $200 voucher will be provided for dinner at The Italian restaurant.

    Competition Time | Who Do You Like to Spend Time With?


    How would you like to win a free watch from Simple Watch Co. 

    Just head over to our Facebook or Instagram & tag a mate (on any post) who you like to spend time with.  We will pick a winner at SWCO HQ, in Byron Bay, on Friday September 29th. Good luck.

    Time Well Spent | Rocking With Den holm

    Steven Clark is the maker behind Den holm; a stone mason and artist living & working in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.  Jordi from Simple Watch Co. caught up with Steven to see what makes him tick.

    Den Holm | Simple Watch Co.

    What lead you back to stone after moving away from your artisan trade?
    It was quite accidental. A friend of my wife asked me to make a stone plinth and suddenly I was hearing that I should make more. And that was it, no looking back!

    Den Holm | Simple Watch Co.

    Did your time in fashion and embroidery give you a new perspective on your skills?
    Textiles is so process driven - being so many facets it's not just a case of working with the material. It was a lot more creative. I increased my ability to work with surface texture and aim for quality.

    Den Holm | Simple Watch Co.

    Do the functional elements of your designs stem from your original training as a stone mason?
    Not really, I just see stone as another material, one that I have a history with. My knowledge is in depth.

    Den Holm | Simple Watch Co.

    Why's limestone your favored material?
    It's my current material, not necessarily my favourite forever. I like to keep moving, I'm always exploring other materials.

     Den Holm | Simple Watch Co.

    What do you consider time well spent?
    Studio time is time well spent. Time with family is time well spent.

    Den Holm | Simple Watch Co.

    Would your watch survive working with steel & stone?  At Simple watch co. we use Sapphire crystal glass in our watch faces.  It's the hardest glass & is used by all the most premium watch brands.  Beware of watches that use the softer options of Acrylic or Mineral crystal glass.

    Featured in this article is the Explore Watch.

    Find out more about Den holm

    Matty Yeates | MYC Surf

    What made you want to start shaping boards?

    Shapers to me as a young surfer were like wizards. Going to a factory to get a board was like nothing else… Being lucky enough to have the right people show me how it wasn’t just magic and how to make a board made it possible. Also at the time (late 90’s) it was really hard to get the boards that I wanted to ride, so in good company we went on a quest to revisit designs that were considered irrelevant, but by no means obsolete.

    Matty wears the Explore dive Watch. Designed for the adventurer exploring the above, beyond and below. 

    What comes / came first ... The board or the artwork?

    I have always been involved with art and love all sorts of mediums. Making a surfboard from start to finish scratches so many of those itches. Some of the boards are planned out before they are made and some I just let the art evolve throughout the many processes of production.

    Three things you couldn't live without?

    I couldn’t live without love, water & sunshine.

    What is your idea of time well spent?

    Time well spent as I see it is not regretting how you spent your time. If your lucky, doing the things you love surrounded by people you love and love you...


    Splendour in the Glass

    Barkeep at ACME in Sydney, Ed Loveday talks science, Japanese citrus, and why he can’t hate on those little cocktail umbrellas.

    Bartenders play a unique role in the hospitality game. Part alchemist, performer, counsellor, and bouncer, they’ve got to master a lot more than just mixing cocktails. At ACME, the restaurant he co-owns in Rushcutters Bay, Ed Loveday has made a name for himself as a rare bartender who understands the power of simplicity.

     Does science play a role in the modern cocktail? 

    It definitely can and does play a role, but it’s not something I subscribe to. I was in London recently and nearly every bar had a rotary evaporation machine or they were making their own ferments – it was impressive. And I have total respect for the likes of Dave Arnold and Tony Conigliaro, who have inspired a new generation of bartenders to breakdown the science behind tasty drinks. My style is way more simplistic though. It’s more about fresh, seasonal, produce and flavours.

     Alive or dead, who’s someone you'd love to make a cocktail for? What would you make them? 

    Donald Trump. A Moscow Mule. 

    The little cocktail umbrella – is it ever an appropriate garnish? 

    Sure, why the hell not? A long time ago I went through a phase of garnishing pretty much everything with flaming passionfruit halves, so I’m probably not the right person to ask what is or isn’t appropriate.

     One ingredient and spirit you're obsessed with? 

    Yuzu, the Japanese citrus. I’ve been obsessed since trying it for the first time about eight years ago. In fact, I’m fairly certain there’s a running joke going on behind my back that all my drinks have yuzu in them. Mezcal for the spirit, because it’s just pure party starting juice.

     Your most memorable drink? 

    Downing Palomas (tequila and grapefruit soda) on the side of a race track in Arandas, Mexico. That’s one of the more memorable experiences I’ve had recently. It was two horses drag-racing each other down a straight track, while locals stood in the middle playing chicken with them. Pretty wild. The bar was just a 12-foot-long, waist-high, brick wall with a few dozen tequila bottles lined up on it.

     How much do the seasons play into the drinks you create? 

    Everything we do at ACME, across both food and drinks, is about seasonality. The menus are constantly changing as ingredients go in and out of season. 

    What's your idea of time well spent? 

    In winter, a run, or a swim in summer, followed by lunch at Fratelli Paradiso with friends and a few good bottles. 

    Ed wears Kent watch in 38mm Black White.

    White Negroni from Ed Loveday Bar ACME

    30mls Tanqueray Gin

    30mls Regal Rouge Lively White Vermouth

    20mls Suze

    Stir over ice. Garnish with a twist of lemon peel.

    Beauty in the Unexpected

    Simple Watch Co. x Braer Studio.

    In case you hadn’t noticed, flower arranging in Australia got a makeover a few years back.

    “We’re really into ikebana, which is the Japanese style of floristry,” says Azzmin Francis of Braer Studio. “It’s more of an art practice, where the composition is about the outline, so it’s often about what isn’t there in the final shape that becomes important.”

    Gone are the customary bouquets in full bloom and short stem roses, replaced by simple arrangements of leaves, stems, petals and buds – even the occasional vegetable – that form a more minimal and precise approach. Guided by beautiful design, premium materials and precision workmanship, Simple Watch Co applies a similar approach to the tradition of making timepieces; each of our watches are a study in restrained style and clear purpose, it’s what we choose to omit that makes them unique.

    Georgia and Azzmin both wear the Kent Watch in 38mm.

    Minimal Ikebana arrangement with the Kent Watch in Rose Gold.

    Ikebana can inspire to see the beauty in all art forms. Pictured are the Kent and Dixon Watch.

    Kent Watch sits perfectly balanced on ceramic object from Relik Studio.

    Handcrafted concrete vase cast from Coral meets contemporary minimalism.

    The mantra for our new Explore watch is Above, Beyond and Below. Pictured here we see the 42mm Black Explore with Italian leather stitch band.

    Beautiful handmade Vase with native arrangement & the Kent Watch in Rose Gold White.

    Special thanks to Azzmin and Georgia from Braer Studio. Visit their site here and follow on instagram for more beautiful work @braerstudio


    Broadsheet features Simple Watch Co with a quick background story from Founder Dave Fraser on the design and inspiration behind the collection. Read the full story below.

    Explore Time

    Introducing the newest addition to Simple Watch Co. The Explore is inspired by the active adventurer who explores the above, beyond and below.

    The Explore watch has a contemporary design while the case and components have been engineered to withstand a rugged outdoor lifestyle.

    Designed with a screw-in crown and case that reflects the essence of a classic dive watch, while the 200m depth rating affirms that this is not just a fashion accessory, it's a functional adventure watch.