Chalet Days with Tais



Inspired by... The Silver and Tan Kent.

In this series, our aim is to share the process and inspiration behind each timepiece. Starting with the foundation of our collection, The Kent. Minimalism in its purest form, a style that summarises the concept of Simple Watch Co. The different levels of inspiration we look at are texture, tone, and icons. From interiors of old sports cars, to contemporary architecture, we're going to look at what inspired the Tan / Silver colour way of the Kent.

The elegant leather interior of this Porsche 911, combined with its silver exterior,
was a key piece of inspiration of the silver/tan Kent colorway.

Earthy tones of the timber planter box and the concrete facade of this
contemporary building compliment each other beautifully, the combination of the
earthy browns and silver tones blend effortlessly. 

With a style that combines relaxed street and high fashion, our muse for the Kent in Tan/Silver was British model and Vogue contributing editor, Alexa Chung.

Known for his Patagonian style cuisine, especially his eccentric barbequing methods, German-Argentine chef, Francis Mallmann was a fitting muse for the Kent tan/silver. 

Adorned in Colour.


Adorned in colour, Abbie wandered through the dull concrete giants. Deep in thought, time stood still, the constant traffic faded away into white noise. Stirred by the beat of the walking man, she hurried across the busy intersection.

Hidden among the noise of the highway and sky rise buildings, she discovered the beauty of a forgotten time. Pastel hues adorned the walls of dusty old motels, old palms battle for light with the youthful concrete giants. As she stood in the back streets, her imagination ran wild, dreaming of a time gone by.

Where will time take you?