Beauty in the Unexpected

Simple Watch Co. x Braer Studio.

In case you hadn’t noticed, flower arranging in Australia got a makeover a few years back.

“We’re really into ikebana, which is the Japanese style of floristry,” says Azzmin Francis of Braer Studio. “It’s more of an art practice, where the composition is about the outline, so it’s often about what isn’t there in the final shape that becomes important.”

Gone are the customary bouquets in full bloom and short stem roses, replaced by simple arrangements of leaves, stems, petals and buds – even the occasional vegetable – that form a more minimal and precise approach. Guided by beautiful design, premium materials and precision workmanship, Simple Watch Co applies a similar approach to the tradition of making timepieces; each of our watches are a study in restrained style and clear purpose, it’s what we choose to omit that makes them unique.

Georgia and Azzmin both wear the Kent Watch in 38mm.

Minimal Ikebana arrangement with the Kent Watch in Rose Gold.

Ikebana can inspire to see the beauty in all art forms. Pictured are the Kent and Dixon Watch.

Kent Watch sits perfectly balanced on ceramic object from Relik Studio.

Handcrafted concrete vase cast from Coral meets contemporary minimalism.

The mantra for our new Explore watch is Above, Beyond and Below. Pictured here we see the 42mm Black Explore with Italian leather stitch band.

Beautiful handmade Vase with native arrangement & the Kent Watch in Rose Gold White.

Special thanks to Azzmin and Georgia from Braer Studio. Visit their site here and follow on instagram for more beautiful work @braerstudio

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