What made you want to start shaping boards?

Shapers to me as a young surfer were like wizards. Going to a factory to get a board was like nothing else… Being lucky enough to have the right people show me how it wasn’t just magic and how to make a board made it possible. Also at the time (late 90’s) it was really hard to get the boards that I wanted to ride, so in good company we went on a quest to revisit designs that were considered irrelevant, but by no means obsolete.

Matty wears the Explore dive Watch. Designed for the adventurer exploring the above, beyond and below. 

What comes / came first ... The board or the artwork?

I have always been involved with art and love all sorts of mediums. Making a surfboard from start to finish scratches so many of those itches. Some of the boards are planned out before they are made and some I just let the art evolve throughout the many processes of production.

Three things you couldn't live without?

I couldn’t live without love, water & sunshine.

What is your idea of time well spent?

Time well spent as I see it is not regretting how you spent your time. If your lucky, doing the things you love surrounded by people you love and love you...


August 08, 2017
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