Steven Clark is the maker behind Den holm; a stone mason and artist living & working in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.  Jordi from Simple Watch Co. caught up with Steven to see what makes him tick.

Den Holm | Simple Watch Co.

What lead you back to stone after moving away from your artisan trade?
It was quite accidental. A friend of my wife asked me to make a stone plinth and suddenly I was hearing that I should make more. And that was it, no looking back!

Den Holm | Simple Watch Co.

Did your time in fashion and embroidery give you a new perspective on your skills?
Textiles is so process driven - being so many facets it's not just a case of working with the material. It was a lot more creative. I increased my ability to work with surface texture and aim for quality.

Den Holm | Simple Watch Co.

Do the functional elements of your designs stem from your original training as a stone mason?
Not really, I just see stone as another material, one that I have a history with. My knowledge is in depth.

Den Holm | Simple Watch Co.

Why's limestone your favored material?
It's my current material, not necessarily my favourite forever. I like to keep moving, I'm always exploring other materials.

 Den Holm | Simple Watch Co.

What do you consider time well spent?
Studio time is time well spent. Time with family is time well spent.

Den Holm | Simple Watch Co.

Would your watch survive working with steel & stone?  At Simple watch co. we use Sapphire crystal glass in our watch faces.  It's the hardest glass & is used by all the most premium watch brands.  Beware of watches that use the softer options of Acrylic or Mineral crystal glass.

Featured in this article is the Explore Watch.

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August 31, 2017
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